• Repatriation

Certain special goodbyes involve repatriation, where a deceased person is moved from one country to another so that final rites can be performed.

Here are 5 good reasons why AF Raymond is the best to entrust this task.

01. A phone call away.

It only takes a telephone call to enable us to proceed to the location of the deceased and carry on with all formalities necessary for repatriation.

03. Qualified for the task.

All countries require a qualified mortician to certify the preservation of remains for repatriation. The present generation of the Raymond family namely Keith and Shannon are the only qualified morticians and funeral service professionals in Sri Lanka today.

02. End to end service.

We are committed to making all necessary arrangements from the moment we are informed about the death, to the time of departure of the remains from the airport. We can arrange for the body of a loved one to be returned to their country of origin, into the care of a local funeral director.

04. Knowing Country Specific Laws.

It is also important to note that each country has its own laws governing repatriation. Over the years we have gained extensive experience and links to facilitate repatriation to almost any country in the world.

05. Our Past Experience.

Our past experience is also testament to our dedication,
commitment and capabilities in repatriation.
Here are some examples

  • Tsunami.

    Special commendations received from Scotland Yard for dedication to service during the 2004 Tsunami which took the lives of so many Sri Lankans & foreign nationals

  • International civil aviation disasters.

    Handled the only two international civil aviation disasters that have occurred in Sri Lanka. On both occasions not only did we handle the preservation of the remains on our own but also handled the relevant documentation needed for repatriation of all the deceased.foreign nationals

  • Maldives.

    Worked in the Maldives on several occasions where we have had to exhume, preserve and repatriate remains back to their country of origin

  • World Wars.

    Established in 1885 we have a long history in repatriation as we have had the privilege to serve His Majestys Armed Forces during the two great wars.

  • Archives.

    Our company archives enables us to provide Information on foreign nationals who have passed away in Sri Lanka & buried here, especially those from Australia, England, Wales, France, Italy, Germany, Japan and India.

For further details please e-mail us at afraymond@eureka.lk